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I should probably have written this some time ago because, while there is a load of info out there on “How to Blog” I can’t find very much on “Being Blogged”. By that I mean giving an interview.

This is insane. There are a lot of us who specialise in giving space, especially to authors, as a free gift. Why don’t we tell them how to do it?

Why should they do it? It is a free means of reaching a lot of people without inundating social media with spam which is time-consuming and can put off potential readers if you over-do it. Take this blog as an example – there are over 3K followers plus it is automatically shared on FB, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+ and various other networks. Work it out for yourself how much you’d have to pay to reach that many people with an advertisement.

The Story-Reading Ape
The Story-Reading Ape

Why do WE do it? No idea. Many of my friends offer this service to authors (Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape,   Seumas Gallacher and Sally Cronin

Seumas Galacher
Seumas Galacher

spring to mind) but we are LEGION. Perhaps we are just kind folks, perhaps, we are paying it back, forward and sideways for help we ourselves have received. Either way, it is work we do for nothing. That is worth remembering.

Sally Cronin

How much do I write? I worked in interpretive material for museums etc and quickly learned that public attention span is very limited. I know you are enthusiastic and excited about your book but please don’t write pages and pages. I have sometimes put an interview over two days with particularly interesting subjects but normally it is better to be invited back than bore the pants off the readers first time around.

Trust your blogger. We know what we are doing. If you don’t understand something,  please contact them and ask. Don’t flip-out and say it is wrong. This only came home to me when an author told me that the links sent to me weren’t visible on the interview. Not their fault – they didn’t know. Please look above. See the names underlined and in BLUE? Those are LINKS. If you click on one, it will take you to the page, article, FB site to which I’m referring.  Why do we do it this way? Because it is neater. Does what it says and avoids cluttering up the end of the interview with line after line of http:// garbage.  Want the link – click on the words. Want the link- ditto!

Never be afraid to ask questions; Make sure you know your blogger’s style and look at some of their previous interviews. Mine, obviously are matey, come and drink tea in my kitchen jobs. If you mention my wee dog I’ll be happy and if Cameron makes an appearance he’ll be delighted. For that one interview you are part of the family. If that is too informal – fine, other people work differently and you may be happier with them.

Above all – PLEASE don’t waste your blogger’s time. They are doing it for love and don’t need any more hassle. Most of them are authors too and taking time out of writing schedule to do this for you.

AND FINALLY (different subject)

Thumbs down to FB for removing this picture several times. This is a woman who covered her mastectomies in tattoos. I find it inspiring. She is brave. The operations wouldn’t have been nearly as painful as the tatts and she is showing the world she can manage. Shame on you FB for allowing people to post photos of grinning hunters displaying their dead animal trophies but you ban this lady who is showing nothing but courage. I don’t know your name, Madam, but I salute you!

I only hope I’d have the guts to go through with the tatts if I got my saggy sofa cushions removed (which would be a relief for me as they are neither use nor ornament)

 tatts lady

28 thoughts on “Be blogged 101

  1. Brilliant post, Ailsa. This is what first struck me when I began blogging, the way everybody wants to help. I have found this goes beyond kindness and have nearly reached the point where I want to return the favour. I already ‘like’ and reblog all the time, but getting clever enough to go further.
    Three cheers to the lady with the tattoo, brilliant and brave and I salute her too.

  2. Thanks for the advice and the suggestions. And I agree with you about the picture. I’ve given up on trying to understand the logic (if that’s the word) of Facebook. 🙂 Big hugs

  3. Good advice. 🙂
    Personally, though I’m not generally a fan of tattoos, I think this woman looks beautiful as she is. Facebook really do have a serious problem….

  4. Thanks for an insightful and interesting Blog again, Ailsa! I am also not a fan id tattoos, but this woman’s courage (to me) is so much more impressive than MANY photos FB allows on their pages. You rock!

  5. Thanks everyone. I agree, I’m not a big tatt fan but under the circumstances I would do it. It is a fabulous way to stick two fingers up to Fate. See me? I don’t care! Hope I’d be that brave.

    1. Consider it done – find me on FB too if you want – or Twitter. We can chat about it. I just ask if people want questions or would like to sumbit an article. I prefer questions cos I’m dead nosy!

  6. Reblogged this on Pukah Works and commented:
    See, I’m not crazy for hosting interviews. Besides, it’s fun and a great way to met new people I’d otherwise miss. There’s more out there than you know… Sometimes it just takes a little ::gasp:: netwworking to find them.

  7. Very informative post. As for the photo of the lady with tattoos and FB – if one person objects, FB pulls a photo and suspends the page that posted it. Ridiculous. There is nothing objectionable about this photo.

  8. We both totally agree with you on the tattoos…Kudos to her for having the courage to show how to deal with that condition. Men can show their upper body tattoos…so what is it that is offensive anyway?? Facebook is ridiculous! Great post…Thanks!!

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