Listen please! I tell you about now. We are on holly-days which is go away from home kennel in kennel-on-wheels and find people wot bark funny. Mum love it. She go around showing teef and say small, other humans show teef back and that make her happy. She go “LOL” lots which is open mouth wide and make big noise then get hiccups.

I glad becos Mum has been very sick pup since she went to vets and had to stay-in for long times. Dad and me were alone in kennel and he told me she was in big sleep. I was worried the vet had “put her to sleep” which is what they did to Titch. I not want Mum “put to sleep” cos she is bent but not broken.

She came home but was sleepy and had funny head. She fall over lots and sometimes hug me and howl because her head is dead. She not come walkies for long times cos her paws not play nice.

Now we is in other place and Mum is happy pup. We wented very long walk and she LOL a lot and many humans showed teef to her. We had “sit down and nice coffee” where lady gived me bikkie. Big walkies is good for you – but I could’ve TOLE her dat! Nobody think to ask small terrier wot she fink.


I hav made frenz too. There was big boy Macko who came and etted all my grub but no matter cos I don’t like that grub. He was big silly boy and played lots wiff Mum and I was scared he come home wiff us.

Now there is Nellie who is female like me and my size. She is very very hungry dog and come eat my grub ALL time. Dad call her Nelly the Belly and Mum LOL. I not mind – there is lot of bikkie in the van and I shares. Mum shares din-dins wiff me if there is meat so I share wiff other doggies wot is hungry.

Et ALL my grub
Et ALL my grub
Big, scary doggie

Was one big boy I didn’t like. He came to lik Mum’s face and she gived him enormuss cuddles but I guarded her back cos Mum says I is good dog to have behind you in a dangerous situation.

So I iz happy in the sun, warming my fur on nice pile of dust and watching to make sure Mum stay happy. I not like it when she cry cos her head hurt and her paws disobey.

All for now, Mum’s frenz. More later. Lik on snout from Lily. xxx



We plays chase
We plays chase

11 thoughts on “Kennel-on-wheels.

    1. It grate, Ani. We wented holly days in posh kennel but it was “careful this” and not wee there… kennel on wheels is the bestest! Get yore two-legs to chat to Mum.

    1. Thank you. I likes doing blog fing for Mum. She loves the kennel on wheels and I love it too cos we all snuggle up on kennel-bed and nobody get cross cos I bring bones and durty fings in there.

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