You little tease, Susannah!

My guest today is a returning author, Susannah Hutchinson who has finally come over in person to tell us about her new release on 24th April. I hope she is going to give us a “teaser”, hence the title.

First off – what would you like to drink, gal? Cameron has been baking to help yourself to sweetie stuff on the table.

Morning, nice to meet you at last, tea for me please and a slice of cake.

Let’s start with your books – do you write under just one name or several? How many genres do you cover? How much have you had published including anthologies etc?

I write under one name and write in one genre. Social Thrillers.

How long have you been writing professionally? I imagine that, like all of us, you wrote all your life before “turning pro”.

Spot on Ailsa! I have written all my life, I suppose, now I`m paid to write that makes me professional. However, I still think you can call yourself a writer, even if you don`t earn from it.

What was your first published work? Short story, magazine article, poem?

I`ve had a short story printed in a local magazine, oh and a short story accepted for radio podcast with The Wicked Library.

My first published work was a short story called ‘Beggar Man’. Our local writing group organised a read out night, where all the authors nervously read their work out to about sixty people. All the stories where printed into a book and sold for charity. ‘Beggar Man’ is now being developed into my second novel, with a new title.

What are your ambitions / hopes for your writing career?

I have filled two of my biggest ambitions, the first one was to become a chef, so I trained at college and worked in some super restaurants, the second of course being writing a novel.Susannah 3

My hopes for the future with regard to my writing are, I hope I keep writing stories that people want to read, if I can do that and they come back for more, then I`m doing something right.

Now on to you, the author. Where do you live and with whom? Describe a perfect day at home for me. (Where else have you lived?)

I live in Norfolk with my long-term partner and fiancé of 21 years, although I was born and bred in the Northeast of England, in a place called Sunderland.My perfect day would consist of; getting up at 6.00 am, feed the birds (wild ones) make a cupper and write all morning. The afternoon, I would spend pottering around the garden, and then lounge in the sun, with a good read and the water feature trickling in the background. In the evening after dinner, I would have a soak in the tub, then watch a bit of telly. Sounds heaven doesn’t it?sSusannah 4

Do you have a “day job”?

I don`t have a day job, apart from writing of course. I had a series of operations, because of the arthritis in my ankles, and had to have them fused. So I am now disabled.

Yes, me too. Leaves lots more time for writing though, doesn’t it? Outside of writing and any other work, what is your main passion (greatest pleasures?)

I adore wildlife, nature and animals; anything associated with the planet earth makes me happy. Sitting with my back against a tree in a woodland, in the middle of nowhere, alone, is heaven for me. Same goes for being near water and the sea. Just being alone with my thoughts, heaven.

Tell me two or three interesting facts about you that I haven’t asked.

This is a fun question, three interesting facts about me. Okay here goes.

Whenever I go through security in shops or airports, I set the alarms off, as I have metal rods in both ankles.

I can eat a pomegranate like an apple, without tasting the bitter pith and skin or using a pin.

I am ambidextrous

Wow! We do fun on this blog but those were knock-out! Now the all-important links! How can my friends find your work and connect with you?



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