Amy Hoff

Coming to the Bingergread Cottage is one of my busiest friends, Amy Hoff. I went to the FB launch of her book “Caledonia” in February but haven’t caught up with her since!

Come on in and grab a seat, Amy. Knowing you grew up in America I baked some “cookies”, that is why little dog Lily is staring at you. Don’t bother, she doesn’t like them. Tea or coffee?

Tea. I’ve gone native.

Hah! And I’m naturalised French so I’m on the strong coffee. Now, tell us about “Caledonia”. Is it your first published book?

Yes, it is! Caledonia is about Leah Bishop, the first human recruit to the monster police in Glasgow, Scotland. She and her partner, a selkie from the Victorian era, investigate supernatural crime with the other monsters of Caledonia Interpol.Amy Hoff

What inspired you to write it, living in Glasgow?

I’m a folklorist and historian. I found it to be very strange, living in some of the rougher areas of Glasgow, to be studying some of the ‘romantic’ aspects of Scotland. Especially given that the US tends to view Scotland in an extremely romantic light. After living there for several years, you realise there isn’t much truth to the shortbread fantasy.

As one who has family there, I can only agree. There is nothing romantic about Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night! Do you have connections with the police or are you like me, a TV crime buff?

I have real-life experience, but I also like mystery and crime shows, especially if there is a supernatural element.

What have you been up to since the launch?

We’ve been working on the next season of the web show based on the books.

Tell us more about the web-show, I’m fascinated. What is in the pipeline now? That is the embuggrance (thank you Sir Terry) of having written before, you have to do it again!

Various scripts and another novel picked up by Crooked Cat, The Connoisseur. I’m always writing.

Share something about your non-writerly life with us. I’m terminally nosy!

I’ve been a drifter all my life, starting very young; I lived out of cars and motels for years across the States. I kept travelling; this year alone I’ve lived in four countries. Most of my life has just been me and a backpack.

Well we do have a lot in common then. I’ve been a land or water-borne vagrant most of my adult life too! Thanks so much for coming, Amy. Do pop by again any time but bring me some tablet (Scottish sweeties) it’s the one thing I miss from home. Before you go, let’s have your bio and links so my friends can find you on-line.

Caledonia, tumblr, Facebook links, and book links are on the homepage.

Thanks so much for having me!

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