What do you call a tartan cat?

Sometimes one strikes up friendships on-line and even though you never meet each other, it is a case of “real pals”. Such a man is Seumas Gallacher who, in deference to his Weegie start and my own family’s connections with the city, I usually refer to as “Big Man”.
I have been very remiss recently and did not welcome him to the family of Crooked Cat Publishing when he joined. I’m putting that right today by inviting him over from far-flung lands to chat about this decision and show off his wares … drop the kilt-hem, Seumas, I meant your books!
Welcome, welcome, dear man, both to the scruffy kitchen and to the Cat Basket. Let me ask you some impertinent questions while you help yourself to a drink.Seumas
SG : Question away, m’Lady… it’s a pleasure as ever to be here with you.
I’m published by the Cat, so I know why you chose them in particular, but I wanted to know what influenced you to change over from self-published to traditional publishing.
SG: All the years of toiling away as a self-published writer was part of my intent eventually to secure a working partnership with either an Agent and/or a Publisher who could help this ol’ Jurassic to the next level of this scribbling marathon. Well, the Agent thing-y proved as scarce as a list of Scottish charities, and out of the Webby internet blue came the invitation from Crooked Cat Publishing, asking for new submissions from authors not already in their stable. The rest as they say, is not so much history, more like the future. I liked the fact that lots of my writing pals were already in with them, but most importantly, that Stephanie and Laurence Patterson, who are the drivers behind the publishing firm, ‘get’ the notion that modern publishing requires a hybrid approach, encompassing eBooks and the print market when relevant.
You had already been very successful in your self-publishing series and even produced a Self-Help book for others. What is it called again?
SG: The series, the Jack Calder crime thrillers, still astonish me with their success to date. My Self-Help book, SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES is as relevant to authors who have a publisher, as well as those indies still going it alone. Regardless of your status, an author is required to be significantly involved in the whole nine yards of the ‘business of writing’ these days, and particularly with the marketing and promotional activity. This demands a strong presence on the social networks. The guide does not profess to have all the answers, but it outlines how it worked for this author.
So tell us about the work in hand. I know you are far from retired so have other calls on your time apart from writing.
SG : You’re right, m’Lady. As well as being absorbed in the latest Jack Calder work-in-progress, KILLER CITY, I do have a day job. I own and run my own corporate advisory firm, which is involved in restructuring companies and divisions within corporations that need ‘turnaround’ or business development advice.
How is life at the moment? What are you up to apart from jetting around the world and writing?
SG: I’m less inclined to drag my carcass in and out of airports these days. I’m content to pursue the writing and my corporate business. That keeps me fully occupied.
Finally – give me the links. No, not St. Andrews Golf course! Your books, blog, any other ways people can get to grips with you (snigger). Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come see me and, as we say in the old country – you know the road. (It means come back, not take it and leave!)
SG : Cheers, Ailsa, and let me not forget to say ‘thanks’ for having me around the Bingergread House. The links and stuff are here :
Australia bit.ly/1yGJ5ok
THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK are available from March 13th, 2015, and the pre-orders will be accessible a bit before that on Amazon.
Blog                 : seumasgallacher.com
Twitter              : @seumasgallacher
Facebook         : http://www.facebook.com/seumasgallacher
Email               : seumasgallacher@yahoo.com


17 thoughts on “What do you call a tartan cat?

  1. Seumas Gallacher is one of the kindest and most colourful people I have met on the ‘Webby Internet thingy’ as he calls it. Always there with a helpful comment and a wave.
    Cheers, Seumas!

  2. I love the “Webby Internet Thingy” because of meeting people like Seumas (who’s been a blogging buddy for a while), and now Ailsa, and so many amazing across-the-universe blogging friends who perhaps I’ll never meet in person, but who through our writing, I’ve learned SO much, not just about writing and publishing and being independent, but about L I F E. How great is that?

    1. Wonderful, it is. What keeps me coming back. Here I am in my tiny wee French backwater, chatting to folks all over the world. When I was in hospital I received cards from all over the place and some phone calls too!

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