You tell me!

Hello again.

Well here I am, stinking of joss-sticks, wearing my kaftan and armed with a few suggestions. Some have come from Little Lily and others from various spirits.

Writing. I can’t stop writing altogether. My adorable publishers Steph and Laurence Patterson over at Crooked Cat have been totally understanding about me not being able to work on my “proper books” very well. So I’m going to make a new schedule so I spend at least half an hour a day with Iamo, Riga and company. Otherwise Books 3 and 4 will never be finished.

I now have a proposition to put to you, my lovely blog-readers.

This blog is a mixture of observations, interviews and short stories. Shall we keep it that way? Or shall I open a new blog where my Bro Cameron and I can put our short stories and keep this one for observational humour and interviews? (Please remember that I interview people other than authors so if you have anything you want to share you are welcome to message me to have a spot of your own!)

This will be a democratic decision, so please vote.

I’m getting there. At least I now see the questions I have to answer which is always a big step forward.

Social media. I’m still over-sensitive and easily-hurt. Prompted by Uncle Walnut, the grumpiest tree on the lane, I’m going to operate a “two strikes and you’re out” policy. I don’t care if you are best mates with any of my other friends, that doesn’t give you the right to make a tit of me. Uncle Walnut says he only keeps me as a friend cos he likes it when I sing “Sloop John B” to him so he can do the Badoodoo Badoodoo bass backing. If I only walked past tearing twigs off him, he’d drop a branch on my head. Point taken!joss

22 thoughts on “You tell me!

  1. I’d recommend you leave things as they are, Ailsa, rather than pressurise yourself with an extra blog to juggle. Like Yvonne, I really enjoy the mix as it is.

  2. I would vote for leaving things the way they are, Ailsa, but the decision is yours. I am in the process of making such decisions about my writing future, having come to the conclusion that the only thing that really works, is what makes you happy.

    1. This is so true! I’m having a similar rethink. Life is far too short to spend it writing things that don’t make you happy. And if you really need the money, there are far less stressful and more reliable ways to make it than through your writing.

  3. It might be a silly suggestion Ailsa but why not just add a new page to your current blog and use that for stories rather than consider creating a new blog and having to chase followers.
    You might have to choose a new theme for that but you can call it a spring clean.Check mine out.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. I agree with my fellow Cats. One blog is simpler – both for the author (you, wonderful Ailsa) and the reader. Less places to have to visit and your blog is already a fun, friendly and homely place to visit. ✨💫🌟

  5. Yes, I agree too. Considering even the simplest of things can get complicated, ‘it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ kind of thing appeals to me, but it’s your decision. And I’m with Anita too. We can’t try very hard to make others happy but if we’re not…it won’t work. Keep going forward…Small steps are still steps…

  6. At the end of the day it boils down to what is easier (and more logical) for your dear Ailsa. Personally I would like to see everything under the one banner 🙂
    You have multiple “compartments” on this website so keeping things filed in the correct place should not be to onerous.
    ps – it is not only Steph and Laurence who are waiting to see what happened/happens to Iamo and Riga before/next 😉

  7. Bless you all and YES it would be a bit onerous for my scrambled brain to remember I have two blogs as well as two names! OK – possible spring clean coming up. Will go see David Prosser’s for a “check and nick” operation!
    Thank you all so much xx

  8. Thanks for all the comments and votes. I’ve changed the blog so that stories stand out on their own on the menu and asked a friend who is more tech-savvy to help me administrate.
    Really appreciate all your assistance and good wishes. Bless you xxx

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