Time to listen

My spell in the cupboard under the stairs today was good. The hoover suggested that I needed some quiet time. Not just an hour with him, but a proper retreat.

So I’ll be out of touch for a while to meditate and listen for any advice that is forthcoming about my future, about which I am a little concerned. It is nearly six months since my bike accident and the damage is still all too evident. I have to make plans for what I can do if I continue to be this unable.

The continual emotional noise of social media isn’t helping although I adore my friends whose humour makes me laugh a lot. I’m not leaving, I’m just taking time to breathe and maybe see my way forward a little more clearly. convent closed


12 thoughts on “Time to listen

  1. Sue’s beaten me to it with the words ‘breathe deep’! She’s right about 18 months. Whatever time you think it’s going to take to get over such trauma, treble it! Take care, Ailsa. Special Cretan hugs your way come. x

    1. Thank you both. I don’t often come over all Woo-Woo but the time has come. Shame the convent down the road only does retreats in the summer or I’d be off with my bag packed. Can do it here – under the sky and chatting with my friends the trees.

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling through recovery. I like the idea of communing with the hoover for inspiration, though. Sending you well wishes for a return of energy with the coming of spring!

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