Family Reunion.

For the first time in the history of St. Ursula’s Orphanage for Homeless Bears, two of the orphans have found each other through social media. Yes, Rev. Mother is blubbing her heart out as she types this.

You might remember the recent post on here Nurse Bear? It would appear that a dear friend of mine was reading it in Northern Ireland with one of her furries who got very excited and pointed at the photo on the screen. Being an obviously bear-sensitive person, my pal immediately packaged her orphan and sent it to me. I opened the parcel and squeaked the house down – the family resemblance was unmistakable. ย Even Badger peered at the face and said “Don’t I know you?”

Gregory 1 (1)

So here is the new arrival, who I am sure you will agree looks just like Gregory… well blow me if they aren’t BOTH called Gregory“Gregory”. Over a lot of squee and cups of tea I got the story from them (well most of if). Of course they are TWINS! And their name is Gregory because it is their family name. As teenabers one of them (our original) was a hippy and ran away to hitchhike around Europe, which is how we found him in France working off his sentence in a children’s clothing shop where he’d been caught breaking and entering with the intention of nicking biscuits. He wasn’t happy being part of a shop window display so I marched in and negotiated a price for him to compensate the shopkeeper for the stolen goodies.

Meanwhile back in Northern Ireland, the bear family were upset and the twin (who I believe to be a girl-bear) listened to the radio & heard a traditional folk song about a young woman who dressed as boy to join the army. That is how the new Gregory twin ended up a Yeoman of the Guard in the Tower of London – that and a natural ability with ravens. Why? Well the outfit is so fetching, of course! (See? Girlie!)

We’ve got over it by continuing to refer to our hippy traveller as “Gregory” but twin has taken to being “Yo, Man!” which is shouted with a high-paw with brother.

Isn’t that lovely? And here they are, having a wonderful bear-hugย while I snivel quietly and remember why I opened the doors of the orphanage

Gregory 1 (2)





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