peaceAny of you who have read Four Go Mad in Catalonia will be familiar with my alter-ego “Nanny Ab”. As previously discussed, this Granny does not go in for home-spun wisdom, especially if it can be distilled into one simple sentence. If life were that easy, I might not have messed up my own quite so spectacularly.

Nanny Ab occasionally grabs a passing thought and nails it to the wall with a cry of “That’ll do”. The one featured above rang true and fits in beautifully with my “wisholution” to get along better with people (although, like her inspiration, Nanny Ab does tend to make friends and get to know background info rather quickly). What came from this, over a long crochet session, was a development on what Ma  used to say “Don’t go looking for trouble, it’ll find you soon enough.”

The light-bulb moment arrived later when I was wondering why obvious answers are not so obvious most of the time. Lily and I amused ourselves by imagining posting uplifting phrases. lightbulb

This one would be – What do you dislike about your life? How much of that comes down to YOU? Ouch! YES!

Rather than avoiding social media for fear of getting into acrimonious disputes with folks, why don’t you, Nanny Ab, just keep your opinions to yourself? Yes, people will hold opposing views but who says they are wrong and if they are, who appointed you as the white charger-riding, righter-of-wrongs? Nobody. So mind your business and look at the nice picture.

That feels better. Now go and have a good laugh and read this  Click here IT’s FREE!4 go mad

3 thoughts on “Learning…

  1. You make a great point, Ailsa. Sometimes, even when being “respectful” we don’t know what mood the person reading the comment might be or how they might interpret something. Unless I know somebody very well I apply the saying about having two ears and one mouth. Trying to listen more and say less.

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