For anyone who doesn’t know, those letters stand for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a technique we were taught as language-teachers to adults.

In this context though I’m just sharing a laugh that I had with Badger today. Anyone familiar with my FB posts might have noticed that I often say “As you were…” after a panic statement. This is programmed from my (admittedly brief) time in the military. It’s a term to countermand a recent command to action. In the Royal Navy they say “Belay that”.

You can imagine what this household is like… when the proverbial hits the fan, Badger and I “jump to it” and run around issuing orders to each other. We each promptly ignore what the other one has said and often find ourselves in the kitchen saying “Belay that..” and “As you were…” while we decide on a different course of action. It would make a lovely short film.


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