Because it’s wrong

Many thanks to India Drummond who shared this video.


Please watch it and feel, as I do, that there is hope for the human race. There is just one thing I would like to improve. Several boys said “I won’t hit her because she’s a girl.” Only one said “Because it’s wrong.”

THAT was the answer I was sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear.

Yes, many women aren’t physically strong enough or trained to retaliate efficiently. I’m big enough, ugly enough and experienced enough to defend myself but only because of my time in the military. I can cut off and ignore the fact that the damage I’m inflicting is on another human being, which is exactly why I shouldn’t have to do it. If it’s them or me, it won’t be me.

Whatever the question, the answer is not violence. It is the last resort, only in self-defence and within reasonable measure. The job now is to try to get rid of it starting between individuals.. We’re making progress with the “don’t hit girls” – hoorah! Keep it up, parents.

Peace, Man!
Peace, Man!


3 thoughts on “Because it’s wrong

  1. And we say sometimes that when men hit women they need to grow up. Maybe it’s the other way around. They hit women because they’ve grown up. They need to respect women as much as those boys do.

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