And this year…

Having invented the verb “to wisholute” I thought I’d share mine for 2015.

The last day of 2014 has made a start to it all. A trip to the doctor confirmed that I’ve been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress and am generally wound up like a clockwork toy. This past year has been a hum-dinger of a baddie for me in some ways. Too many bangs on the head left me disorientated, grouchy and generally over-sensitive so I fell out with a few people and lost friends. Well, no more.

That’s it. My health can look after itself now I’ve given up motorbikes, got my Prozac and Stillnox back.  My new attitude is to walk away from trouble rather than run to meet it. Already put into practice, it is working. While it’s probably too late to mend fences with people I’ve alienated,  there isn’t much I can do apart from learn from my mistakes.

Now that my skull appears to be sitting more squarely on my shoulders I’ll get back to writing very soon. With my new meds I will be able to get into a more disciplined timetable.

As you’ll have seen, most of my wisholutions are down to me. Some depend on taking the right meds and accepting that my condition means I’m going to be a pill-popper for the rest of my life. I can avoid some but others I have to accept. The alternative is being a bit of a bitch and picking fights which I’d really like to stop now, thanks. It’s no fun for me or the people on the other end of it.

So to all of you, may 2015 bring you all you need and many of your wishes. I shall be trying to be pleasant and I hope Fate does the same to you xxx

by Brian Froud from the Faeries' Oracle.
by Brian Froud from the Faeries’ Oracle.


15 thoughts on “And this year…

  1. Hope the goddess brings you everything you wish for yourself and everything I wish for you… But above all I wish you good health and lots of fun days, Otter. With love and hugs .. Crow woman xxxx
    Ps I love my Brian fraud faeries oracle too xxx

  2. Dear Alisa(Otter), don’t be too hard on yourself…. you have had a traumatic year in more ways than one. And have come through the other end. Sometimes we have to take pills so that we can carry on doing what we used to do. As for friends…well its never too late and true friends understand that sometimes we’re not always ourselves. My wisholute for you is to keep your health, give the meds a chance to work and continue with your writing, wishing you and Badger all the best for 2015xx
    much love

    1. well its never too late and true friends understand that sometimes we’re not always ourselves.

      Well said…

      Love you Ailsa!

  3. Thank you so much, both of you. Health is the most undervalued treasure we have. I do hope some people will realise that I wasn’t well and forgive me. Otherwise – just don’t do it again.
    Bright blessings all xxx

  4. May 2015 bring you Health, Wealth and Great Happiness Ailsa. There’s nothing worse than falling out with people so I hope you get back those you want.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. I hope 2015 is better for all of us, Ailsa. Try and take it easy and I agree with your attitude, life is too short to bother with certain things. Love:

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