On-line (s)hopping mad!

Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware is a common saying but “seller beware” came to light this week.

Just when I was dancing around the house (OK limping quickly) because I found some lovely trustworthy people on-line, I heard that one of my besties had been “done” out of £65 worth of goods which she had sent in good faith to America to a returning customer. This makes me furious. Perhaps most of you are saying that she should have insisted on the money up front and yes, it’s easy to be wise after the event but this is a woman who devotes enormous amounts of time and effort to charity. Like me, she judges people on how she would behave, which can be a mistake. No, she would never dream of doing that, so it didn’t cross her mind that the American woman wouldn’t pay and then block her on FB.

Lessons learned hard are learned well but that is a stinker. This, having received some very cheap but lovely earrings though the post … broken. I got a refund but it wasn’t the same.

I was really fortunate to find a gorgeous carving to send to another bestie in London. I don’t like having things sent here for me to post on because that doubles or triples the costs. I asked the nice people to find out the postage, gave them the address and paid up. They came up trumps in spades because they sent the carving and a lovely calligraphy card which I wasn’t expecting. So here is a shout-out to Dragonfly Furniture  who can be trusted. That appears to be rare.

Owl carving - isn't it gorgeous?
Owl carving – isn’t it gorgeous?

5 thoughts on “On-line (s)hopping mad!

  1. And I love owls…I’m taking the name of the shop down. Sorry about your friend. I hope there is karma and it gets that other person back…Have a good holiday Ailsa

  2. Ailsa, Great carving! I love owls. Shame about your friend. She’s found, unfortunately, that not everyone can be trusted. How sad. Happy Holidays to you and yours! 🙂 — Suzanne

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