Shifting perspective

Unusual bit of “serious” today.

I recently had cause to examine the way I say things. Goodness knows, I complain often enough about the “tone” of other people’s posts on FB so it seemed only fair. I’m not normally into “psycho-babble” in a big way but this conclusion was blindingly obvious.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions but only I am responsible for my reactions. 

Simple, isn’t it? Quite fitting for the Solstice, festival of returning light that I should receive this bit of enlightenment having lit a candle to welcome back  the longer days. Like many of the most simple solutions, it may be rather hard to put into practice. It means that instead of saying “So-and-so has just upset/angered/annoyed me.” I have to change my perspective to make it read “So-and-so said or did something and I allowed it to upset/anger/annoy me.” This changes the perspective and puts the onus on me to control my own feelings and act accordingly. Looked at in this new light, it is my own fault if I’m unhappy and I can deal with that far more easily.

This is work in progress and I’ll let you know how it goes but, as others have said that my trot along the path of mental health problems helps them in some way, I thought I’d share it.




11 thoughts on “Shifting perspective

  1. Sometimes we take personally issues that might have to do with the other person rather than ourselves. The advice is very sound although I also agree that it’s not easy to put it into practice. We’ll keep trying. All the best

    1. Thanks, Olga. Yes, it is part of the human condition to take things personally. This way I might distance myself from the action – I might, after all, be an innocent bystander who got “collateral damage” from their bad day!

  2. Definitely worth thinking about. The one I love is that the things that happen to you are often beyond your control the only outcome you can influence in any situation is how you, yourself, react to it.

    So yeh, as a fellow struggling student aiming to achieve this kind of serenity, I wish you luck.



  3. Yeah that’s definitely hard to do. And sometimes I think when it comes to the things people say, it’s easy to take things the wrong way when you just don’t like someone. I know that’s the way for me. I’ll take things VERY wrong if I don’t like someone.

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