Slow learner


Really should know better. It’s always the same but I do it every time (what with accidents and operations I’ve been hospitalised often enough!). I come out after the enforced rest, feeling better and raring to go. All advice to take things slowly is ignored. But I’m fine. There are things to do! 

The result never varies. I run myself into the ground, ending up worse than I was before. This is in no way seeking sympathy but more by way of explanation and apology. I don’t see myself as a victim, just a clumsy bugger who ends up in A and E rather a lot.

Bipolars have two settings – full on and stop. Unfortunately, screaming around at “full on” makes me exhausted and the result is I turn in to a “nasty piece of work”, get very snappy, make bad judgement-calls and that is why I’ve taken a break from social media for a while. I’ve already caused upset and am avoiding doing it again. I’d really like to apologise but that avenue is closed to me. The best I can do is keep out of the way, wait til my balance is restored and hope that those I’ve hurt see this post and forgive me.

Thanks to all who have emailed me and yes, I’ll come out of retirement once I’m not a danger to those around me. In the meanwhile, Bro will post occasional messages if he feels like it or anything funny happens (like me falling under a bus, for example)




18 thoughts on “Slow learner

  1. Ailsa, you are always a pleasure and I would doubt if you’ve ever said anything that warranted people being upset, rather I would suggest that people who are aware of the hard time you’ve had lately should be more compassionate and kind. Take care of yourself, pet. Rest when you can, do what you enjoy and stay your kind impulsive self. I hope to see you back on social media bright and early in 2015 xx

    1. No, Catriona, bless you but being unwell is not an excuse for bad behaviour. Why should people who hardly know me feel compassionate towards me? They judge on what they see and I can’t blame them.

  2. We all have bad days, and often we have no excuse other than being ‘out of sorts’. Fibro often gives me a low tolerance level, and then the person who usually doesn’t say anything but grins and bears it, roars, shocking all around who take the hump. I for one would love to see you back, or hopefully I could be on the ‘swap email address’ list, when you feel like getting in touch with this quirky corvid. Take care of yourself. Sending lots of love and even more ((hugs)) lots of them, big but gentle ((((hugs)))) xx

  3. Ailsa, I understand completely. My husband is bi-polar so I understand the ups and downs of that condition. Rest and come back when you’re able. We’ll still be here. Take care and all the best. 🙂

  4. What can I say? Take care, try to relax and I hope you are feeling more yourself soon. We can wait. 🙂 we’d much rather that you are healthy and happy.



    1. It’s coming, thanks. I had a fit of taking myself and others far too seriously. Always fatal. If someone called me a one-legged, boss-eyed Elvis impersonator, would I believe them? No…. so, lesson learned!

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