Alsace or bust!

Back to the funnies.

Despite not “doing” Christmas, for Badger’s birthday treat he decided that a trip to Alsace to visit the Christmas markets would be a great idea (yes, I know… but)

I phoned a place where we normally camp but which also does bed and breakfast. No, they didn’t mind Little Lily being with us but they were going out on the Sunday. Could we be there in the morning? Well we could but I didn’t realise she meant around dawn. So off we trotted armed with Lily’s blanket so she didn’t get anything dirty. It took much longer than Badger had anticipated (I’m not allowed to be the sat-nav since that incident with the wheat field) so I rang the hostelry. Oh bum! Straight to her mobile. The buggers had gone out and I suspected that we were going to arrive and not be able to get into our bedroom until they decided to go home, which could be silly o’clock at night.

An executive decision was made (guess who?) that we’d just stop at the next town, find a hotel and book in. Bingo! A smashing old-fashioned, very German-looking place had one room free and didn’t mind Lily. When they told me the price per night I nearly hit my chin on the bar but Badger in a fit of generosity said that we planned on being two nights away – so two nights it would be, plus dinner in the hotel restaurant that evening. I love Alsace because it is like visiting Germany but French-speaking with an accent that is a bit like mine so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb!

Remind me that I normally only stay in hotels in the UK where “tea and coffee making facilities” are the norm. Next time we try this kind of jaunt I will take an electric kettle. Being addicted to hot drinks I go into withdrawal if I don’t have a mug in my hand.

It has already been mentioned that vegetarianism is considered a perversion in France – even more so in Alsace where everything is served with pork. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to be offered sausage ice cream. However, Chef took pity on me and concocted a delicious selection of fresh veg with chips which I adored. The waiting staff took turns in peeking at me to make sure I really was eating it and not sharing Badger’s steak (yes, it’s that unusual).

Best of all, the hotel had a theme of bears. From the enormous metal statue at reception who I called Bruno and patted every time I passed, to the old fashioned crib full of teddies … I was in heaven. OK so the crowds at the markets were a bit stressy for a claustrophobe like me but I did find my Boggles the flying bear hat, some Christmas spice to make my hot chocolate nommy and red-bush tea.

We also had portraits done by street artists which are fabulous. Mine was done with Lily on my lap and the family resemblance is remarkable. I’ll post a photo shortly when I have bought frames to protect them.

There was snow on the way home – first I’ve seen of the season. Never plan – it will happen anyway and be better for being a surprise!

7 thoughts on “Alsace or bust!

  1. Sounds great! I’ve never visited that part of the country although I take note about the difficulties for vegetarians….I look forward to the picture…

  2. My husband and I stopped in Germany for a few days on our way to India some years back.. I know what you mean about the meat, especially sausage. I love sausage so it was fine with me. I don’t eat much meat now other than chicken once in a great while. I get a tiffin service that has enough food for two meals for me and my husband’s caregiver and it’s vegetarian. She cooks special food for my husband.

    1. When I did used to eat meat I adored German cuisine but even in France.. anywhere…it’s so rare. I gorged myself on Linda McCartney veggie sausages when I was in Scotland with my auntie. Not available over here, obviously.

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