If I say “midlife crisis”, what do you imagine. Think about it.
Probably most of you are imagining a guy in his late forties with kids grown up, doing well in his career who goes back to the passions of his youth and can now indulge himself with a Harley Davidson motorcycle or a sports car. Even trade the wife in for a younger, more glamorous model.Harley
Male, see?
Mid-life, see?
Well I realised that I’ve been having a mid-life crisis for about the last twenty years! The accident on my own (respectably small) motorcycle brought it home to me.
Unless I plan to live to be 116 years old, I am not mid-life. I am, as we would say around here, “third age”. For goodness sake I will be an OAP in a couple of years!
So perhaps the smash was the boot up the backside that I needed to “put away childish thing” and start acting my age … just a bit.
No, it’s OK. I have no intention of growing up. I just have to admit when my multiple brain-whacks have taken their toll and I no longer have the balancing skills to do some of the teenaged things I used to love.
I never got as far as the Harley, sports car or toy boy (thanks be cos I couldn’t keep up these days!) but I think I will be limiting myself to my little van in future.
Always was a bit unsure about gender stereotyping!

Would prefer one of these though!
Would prefer one of these though!

10 thoughts on “Midlife???

  1. I vowed to buy a sportscar at 40 and managed to scrape enough together to buy a type 1 MR2 – just about room for me and my handbag… since then I have worked my way through the MR2’s, Celica’s and my best ever the Toyota Supra – two models.. I now have a selespeed Alfa Romeo with paddle gear change on the steering wheel..All high mileage and relatively cheap but great to drive…. The only drawback to driving sportscars until I am 100 is that they get lower and lower and the knees do not like it..

  2. m with Smorgasbord. An Alfa Brera isn’t that low. They look lovely and have an engine note like Barry White.

    I started saving doe a Lotus when I was about 8. Got myself a Triumph Spitfire about 4 years after learning to drive and then when I was about 30 with some help from my, then, employer’s company car scheme, I got a Lotus. I’m now on my second one.

    Sports cars are low but I like that with my arthritic knees because I get to sit with my legs straighter. In a normal car my knees lock bent and I have to stop, get out and u click them.

    Anyway, while the ageing process can’t be stopped I have aways viewed growing up as strictly optional.

    That said its all about good sense and compromise I guess. I have given up off road in line skating. I love your Roger Daltry style jacket in the picture.



  3. At age 87, I have long passed mid-life. At 67, I entered the Peace Corps, serving 2 years and 3 months in Slovakia, teaching English to university students. It was great. I drove my VW bug for 30 years until it was stolen. I would have bought another one, but I won a Chrysler in a draw and have been driving that for 12 years. My preference is horseback, but that’s impossible in Los Angeles traffic. Oh, for the good old days, but mid-life holds a lot of surprises, too.

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