Idiot seeks village


Well, I suppose I was asking for it, mentioning my brain damage and strokes so often….

I’m quite used to friends and relations calling me an idiot and they’re entitled to; they know me well enough to judge. Today, however, I received an email from a total stranger who has decided, on the basis of one error on my part, that I am an idiot. .

I was bringing my new dinky little Nexus 7 up to date and decided to make sure a friend’s Gmail address was on my list. Unfortunately, this character in Swansea has almost the same address, barring two letters, so he most unfortunately received a short message “Get this eh?” with an icon of a slice of cake.

OK, OK, my fault. As soon as I realised my mistake I should have sent another message, excusing myeself and asking him to ignore it. I get emails from total strangers all the time and just bin them. However, I was busy and in my usual muddle-headed state so I forgot.

So this is what I found in my inbox when I retired to play Sudoku on my Nexus (don’t laugh, at my age and state of health, a mug of cocoa and a game of Sudoku counts as a good time in bed!)

“errr, you do realise that just sending “get this?” is rather idiotic don’t you?
who are you? is this just spam? consider yourself lucky I didn’t just bin it,
Are you from a website or block I’ve registered with or are you just some idiot who picks emails out of thin air?

I for one have no idea.”

Of course I have sent my profound apologies for the obvious distress and anger I have caused him and admitted that yes, I am that idiot. I also explained the situation and hoped that he never made a slight error and got that kind of response.

I wonder if he feels vindicated now?

I don’t know why I “should consider myself lucky he didn’t just bin it” – that would have saved his time and mine but perchance he was having a bad day and needed an idiot to kick. Happy to oblige, Sir. Or may  I call you Andrew as we seem to be on such personal terms now?

Perhaps that is why steampunk is so popular. Maybe we are all trying to turn the clock back to a time when adventure was possible but with good manners and a little “live and let live” because the more I see of the world of social media, the more I despair of courtesy.

Between that and eternal threats of “unfriending” if I show any signs of my political views (no matter that I vote in France, not Britain) I am losing the will to live on-line.

Anyone know of any other villages short of idiots?  Baggy (pictured above) and I will apply.

18 thoughts on “Idiot seeks village

  1. To be brutally frank, I think the idiot, here, was the person who replied to your email.

    If it helps I sent an email to an agent by mistake I’d put the e mail adds in the address box the name of the member od staff and agency in the subject field and a bit in the body about guidelines itc. Unfortunately the one I sent said ‘will probably loathe your book as much as the rest of them but worth a try’. She was very polite about asking who on earth I was and what it was about.

    The Victorians might have referred to brain damage as idiocy but these days we’re more polite. I suppose modern life had to win out somewhere. 🙂

    Btw you’re welcome to try living here. But be warned, there’s already an idiot in situ.



    1. Looking at the writing style I don’t think his IQ was astronomically high and I think we have all made that kind of silly mistake on our computer. No matter – I bit him politely and karma will do it with sharper teeth.

  2. This village has an idiot and I don’t have the excuse of your ills … Mine is just brain fog with fibromyalgia, and nobody knows what fibro is so I’m just stupid. I love Baggy xxx

    1. I’ve no problem with anyone who really knows me calling me an idiot – for a long time I thought it was my husband’s pet name for me. Baggy is “head of hug” in my orphanage for homeless bears – St Ursula’s, where I am known as Rev. Mother Griselda Goldenpaws. I can’t help it, homeless teddies just adopt me.

  3. I agree with everybody else. Some people aren’t worth the time of day. We’ve all got the wrong e-mail. I normally only reply if I think the person needs to know they’ve changed it to the wrong person because it’s an important message, otherwise…

  4. Now own up – who meant to insult the sender of that mail because he is pretty upset about it. I just got another mail from him (was sure I’d blocked him) and he threw my well-expressed apologies back in my face for “getting my friends to insult him”. I think he regrets sending the first one now. Ahh diddums.

  5. Nor me either – I’ve only just seen this post.

    I wanted to be our village idiot, but I failed the exam. But I believe the post of “idiot savant” is still vacant, if you’re interested.

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