Why I came out

Something wonderful just happened to me. It balances out some of the less pleasant stuff that has been going around recently.

A friend sent me a message to thank me for writing about depression etc. She has a family member who also suffers and who reacted marvelously to just being hugged and not judged or given unwanted or impractical advice.  My friend was kind enough to say that if I hadn’t been so open about my own mental health problems she might not have had that kind of insight. From my blog pieces she had a better understanding of what her relative might need.

That’s fabulous. That is exactly WHY  I decided to “come out” and be very open about my mental health problems, both being Bipolar and the brain damage I suffered in a couple of accidents. I’m tough enough and stupid enough to laugh about it. I make jokes. That makes it easier for others to be comfortable with it.  Also – what are the options? Weep, feel sorry for myself and depress everyone else or spread a bit of useful knowledge and make others laugh at the same time?

I’m always here. I can’t say that I have all the answers because every patient is different. I may have no idea how to help your friend or relative but I’m willing to try.

I will go to bed tonight really thrilled that I have helped someone. My friend’s relative got uncritical and unconditional support. You have no idea how valuable that is when you are flat out on the floor and can’t get up. When even going to the kitchen to put the kettle on is like climbing Everest.

But on a good day, I’m one helluva laugh – honest!

Cartoon below reproduced with thanks



5 thoughts on “Why I came out

  1. I’m a great believer that the more difficult something is the more open and honest about it we should be. That’s definitely a reason to go to bed happy! 😉

    Love the cartoon, too.



  2. This is lovely. That “getting to the kitchen is like climbing Everest” line makes me feel better. I am just coming out of a severe depression and I honestly couldn’t move. I have been telling people bit by bit about my bipolar and you have inspired me to continue. Carefully. So thank you.

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