Pick a card!

Digital CameraThis is an unashamed shout-out to everyone who sent me Get Well cards from all over the world, not to mention those who phoned, Chris Foote (Spike) and Bob and Sue Barnard,  who were my Comms Centre managers with Badger and all my neighbours who enquired after me.

I am so very grateful to:Digital Camera

Catriona King, India Drummond, Miranda Kate, Lisa Shambrook and family, Becky Fife, Miriam Drori, Chris Nedahl, Steph and Laurence Patterson, Lune d’Argent, Jane Bwye, Vanessa Couchman and Carol Hedges.  I have already published a picture of my lovely flower arrangement, the remnants of which were sent to an otter charity and Nancy Jardine bought an Otter Calender for her family in my name.

What can I say? Teddies, otters, wonderful thoughts and wishes. I burst into tears but nice ones seeing them all laid out in front of me. Of course, everyone also posted cheerful messages on Twitter and FB … I can’t thank you enough.  Tied to a hospital bed in a lot of pain (I won’t go into details) I felt your support and warmth lifting me up. Some of them made my broken ribs hurt when I chuckled. One made me pee myself.

You cannot know just how much they helped. Any time I felt in agony or stupid for crashing my bike or sorry for myself, I would look at my cards and say ” Yes, you ARE an eejit but people still love you enough to go and buy a card, go to the Post Office, find out my address and trot off with it.” That is putting in the effort.

THANK YOU ALL – you have hastened my healing no end. I lovDigital Camerae you all, my on-line family xxx  And because it was a special occasion I put on my new £5 Flash Gordon trainers … silver toes! Lily loves them!

Digital Camera

5 thoughts on “Pick a card!

  1. I spotted mine! I’m glad it lifted you. Maybe the lesson in the crash is to remind you that you are loved, and supported – remember that. xxx (apart from from the, maybe it’s time to stop driving a motorbike – heaven’s forbid it should be that one! 😉 )

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