I reeeely is eejit. Go to kill self, drop off ledge without rope n hurt knees.

Go out for nice bike ride n neerly kill self.

It seems I ws in hospitl for bout 3 weeks but don’t remember it, or the crunch. Lots of new stories flotting round in hed but giddy spells stop these being writted.
FORGIVE TYPING THE LETTER for “” for pple is stuck.

So I’m in lots of hurties n mind is going in circles. Every time I think of good story there is check-up – whooooo there, did tht hppen or is this story?

Toddling round slowly on stick, remember zero for five minutes then everything t once.

Doctor sez I must give up motorcycle…… think bout it. More effective thn hnging!

Miss my on line friends but hev very little to sy. Not sure which lingo to use so smile lots n wve to people. “Eccentric but hrmless”.

Speech is weird too – not sure where in history we iz. Fun fun fun!

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