Quick Stroke


 There are several things one cannot do at the same time.. most of which include “have a stroke and….”

Some of you may remember that I had one following a car crash last November and they think this is why I described graceful cartwheels over my motorcycle handlebars, ending up in hospital with various injuries a couple of weeks ago.

I know this game. Both my mother and grandma  played it in their later years. So I think it is going to be “Farewell to Hath” and let him move on to a new and younger owner.

Ehhhhhhh well. Have to face facts. I’m nearer sixty than any other decade and got away with it for a while. I shall have more time to knit now.

Is there a plus front? Well yes, there always is, if one looks hard enough. I can sit in my semi-deaf shell and ignore people. I don’t have to react if I don’t feel like it and several “Sorry, didn’t hear you” is enough to put most people off.

Being wobbly and clumsy is a way of life for me…. so nothing new here. Now looking for a tricycle…. push variety ……..


8 thoughts on “Quick Stroke

  1. Of the many things I’ve never done in my life, one of them is riding a motorbike, or even riding on a motorbike. Mummy said it was too dangerous. OH says that, too. Shame, but I guess they’re right.

  2. Oh dear, Ailsa, you are in the wars this year! A tricycle sounds like a good idea-at our age doing roulez-boulez over handlebars is somewhat deconseille!

    Neither have I,Miriam but I have been a passenger a couple of times in the days before helmets were compulsory, and yes, it had to be done – the whole Marianne Faithfull, Girl on a Motorcycle thing with the hair blowing in the wind…My father would have gone spare if he’d known!

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