Where I belong.

There are lots of questions that can be asked to reveal the “correct” answer to this and up to recently I’ve only found the “wrong ones”.

Come on, dance!
Come on, dance!


Having a serious motorcycle accident landed me in hospital with a lot of physical damage and a bit of a bump on the head. This gave me a chance to sort out some things that were whinging around in my head and may end up published. I seem to have lost a couple of weeks but am coming out of it, slowly, on sticks and with a shattered memory. I won’t go into the physical damage because that is just yukky.

Originally put in the trauma surgical ward, I found the noise and geriatric high- jinks a little off-putting but it gave me a chance to sort out some ideas in my head that may well be published.

For a start it gave me to thinking ” how much of our previous life do we actually remember and how much is repeated wisdom from our parents etc?”

The results are rather interesting. So while getting back together physically and trying to walk and chew gum at the same time; I will be sorting these twisted skeins into a tale. Were you to wake up in a time and place you didn’t expect to be, how would you get any answers?  Given that some of the people around you might be involved in a conspiracy? Even dates can be lied about.

I will be slowing down for a while and with the support of the local medical team, trying to get off to Portugal for a holiday once Badger has been trained to inject me. I’m now convinced I’m back in 2014 having come through a couple of centuries to return here.

Inevitably, the end conclusion has to be that – one’s health is all that matters. Spending a lot of time confused, in pain and wondering what happened is not healthy. I suspect my drink was spiked but that would be hard to prove. Lesson learned.

I also discovered what a spleen does, not I no longer have one. Balance  I have managed to live without for most of my life so we are just working on forward, backward and vertical.

Another lesson has been that, feeling sorry for oneself is an invitation to Fate to show one how much worse it could be – no thanks. I’ll spend most days being able to walk about and rejoicing – a tree hug from my Hazel to all of your trees

May your days end like this!
May your days end like this!
Digital Camera
Bless the Badger and other friends xxx

and thank you again for your caring and prayers. Badger has done a marvelous job


11 thoughts on “Where I belong.

  1. Jeez. I’m glad you’re ok. I wish you all the best with your recovery. McOther head butted a tractor at about 60mph and had memory loss. He is fine now. Take it slow, give yourself time and be patient as you heal.

    Good luck and whichever gods you believe in bless bless.



  2. Looking for lessons in the pain is the trick – or so I tell myself as I sit here with my herniated neck and associated pain through my right shoulder and arm. So glad you pulled through though, it was mighty quiet without! xxx

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