All good things………….

There are two ways that can end, aren’t there? All good things around us are sent from Heaven above, OR all good things must come to an end. Maybe it represents the positive and negative side of the human psyche.

Don’t you just love those mini “solve your life in one sentence quotations” you see on Twitter or FB? It’s never too late for a Happy Ending? Reach for the Moon and you may be a star? Negativity can be ground to unicorn powder and used to paint pictures? All of those………..

No I am not being pessimistic, well, yes, I’m being downright caustic and for some people with a few woes they might work. But when your life has fallen apart biggest time possible, they are actually quite funny. I read them and wonder what folks in a worse situation than me make of them.

I’m known for my “purple boots” nature. We all know that I am mentally ill, whacky, mostly harmless and often very caring and nurturing. What most don’t know is that I got that way through a series of total disasters which I will write as an autobiography under an assumed name because even I, big silly, jolly, fat lady that I am, wouldn’t want people to know the truth.

It’s quite possible that Badger and I are at the end of the road. No fault, no blame and I want to put things straight. I tell jokes about him. I paint him as “Les Dawson’s mother-in-law” but it is accepted as a joke – he cares for me, he puts up with my Bipolar flips and he has done so for nearly twenty years.

For our non-British mates, Les Dawson was a comedian who came across as the biggest misogynist in the world and his target was his wife’s mother. In fact he adored her. She was the butt of his jokes, just as (I suspect) my friend David Robinson takes it out on” Her Indoors”. Take the piss but would be lost without her.

Well it’s the same for me and the ex-Navy, hairy one. It has not been easy for him. He is getting to the end of his tether and although I talk about him as the “toddler throwing a tantrum” he may well have reason to do so.

Of all the good things that have come into my life – he probably had to come to an end and he probably was sent by Heaven above.

So nobody take sides, nobody say nasty things about him. Living with a Bipolar is HELL. He’s done bloody well for a long time and if he is getting old and tired, who can blame him?

Badger bath
Snarly but adorable


11 thoughts on “All good things………….

  1. It’s possible that some of the one liners come from really happy people but also that others know there’s far too much sadness and bad news around to add to them. I hope there might be a way to make things work for both of you.

  2. Hey you two – hang on in there, and dont add to your disasters, Ailsa! Wait ’till you can read my next book, I Lift Up My Eyes. It’s relevant, I promise!!
    Seriously, plenty thoughts and prayers winging your way.

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