The impossible we do very quickly....

I was asked to do the impossible this morning. OK, I’m pretty used to wasp-charming, finding lost objects and other witchy stuff but this was downright IMPOSSIBLE.

I was asked just to be “more normal”.

Whose version of “normal”? What the bloody hell is normal anyway? I don’t know. I have absolutely no idea of what “normal” means. I’m me. What I do is completely normal to me. I’m a certified (and certificated) nut case but I’d be really weird if I went around doing “not normal for me”.

What was gut-wrenchingly sad is that the person who asked me has been to the hospital with me, chatted with the psychiatrists, given his side of the story. Yes, I know it is very hard living with someone with mental health problems but…even the doctors said “normal” didn’t come into it.

Yes, I’d love not to have to take pills so I don’t want to kill myself. I’d love to be stable and not go shooting off like a rocket either in a good or bad way. Given the option, I’d trade all my whacky boots, witchiness and general tomfoolery for some peace of mind…but that isn’t an option.

I should have got mad, I should have shouted that if normal was HIS kind of normal, I want nothing to do with it but I didn’t. I just got sad. My little basket of “funny” was chucked on the floor and trampled on because it didn’t have silk flowers in it. So be it – I can pretend silk flowers if I have to.

12 thoughts on “WHOSE?

  1. Everyone’s normal is different, that’s part of what makes each of us ‘US’ and as long as we don’t cause harm to others or ourselves, there’s no real problem – Hope Badger comes to this realization sooner rather than later Ailsa 🙂

  2. You can only be normal for you, and that is all anyone can be.
    I’m saddened that you struggle so much with your mental health but never would I want to you to feel you have to compromise “you”,

    You are a true shining original and I love that. Blessings Ailsa x x x

  3. Who says, that we need to look and sound equal all of us? It would be SO boring.
    We just need to be the best edition of ourselves and be the original us, then no one can demand more 🙂
    I wish, that you feel better tomorrow.

  4. There’s no such thing as normal anyway. Just carry on being yourself and being genuine, the way you do. That’s much better than normal. And remember that his asking you to be normal is probably just his way of saying that he wishes it was easier. Try to avoid seeing it as rejection. It may feel like it, but The truth is probably different.



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