As time goes by…

In our usual haphazard way, Badger and I took our honeymoon a couple of weeks before our wedding. This was to ensure good weather and didn’t bother us in the slightest although some people thought it odd.

In a totally-unexpected fit of romanticism, he has suggested that we go back to the campsite where we honeymooned and as luck would have it, that closes on 12th September. Our anniversary is 29th September, so once again, we’ll be having a premature celebration (common problem in men his age).map

We’re off to Castellane in the Nice area, not far from Grasse, the perfume-manufacturing centre (guess who is getting smellies for her pressie?). It’s also near the Italian border so we can be very cosmopolitan and zap over to Italy for lunch only this time we will have euros with us in cash so we won’t suffer the indignity of Badger and dog being held hostage while I trot around an Italian town looking for a bank to get my paws on some lire.

As an added bonus, this time we will be starting from the middle of France, not Brittany, so it won’t take us three days to get there either.

Heigh ho for romantic Badger!

Valentines 14

5 thoughts on “As time goes by…

  1. Have a great anniversary.

    We don’t have those funny Euro thingies here in Wales. Remember crossing into Italy from Switzerland once and the bank changing our money got the decimal point in the wrong pace – so spent thousands of Lire in the market.

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