How (not) to procrastinate

Julie Ryan has made her way to the Bingergread Cottage today and braved the hounds to share some writerly thoughts with me. She calls it “procrastination”, I am just a lazy sod. Like her, however, I suffer from terminal distraction and find that one job leads to another. Before I know where I am, knitting time has arrived and my authorial duties are unfulfilled. Ho hum!

It’s quite ironic really that since being invited to write a guest post I’ve been putting it off; This isn’t because I don’t want to write it (honestly) but rather because it’s hard to get motivated when a topic doesn’t jump out at you. That’s why I decided that this topic was ideal.Julie Ryan 2

If you’re a writer, you’ll know where I’m coming from. You clear the decks for the day if you’re lucky, sit down to write and decide you need a coffee before you begin. On the way to the kitchen, the cat nearly trips you up thinking it’s time for food. Well, you may as well feed him now or you won’t get any peace, will you? First though, you need to wash up his bowl and even though you hate washing up, it would be a waste of hot water just to do one bowl so you may as well do the dishes while you’re there, after all they need doing and it’ll save time later.

As you stand at the sink you gaze out of the window and realize that some of the plants look a bit bedraggled. With no time to spare, you’re in the garden watering and pruning even weeding though it’s not a job you really care for but someone has to do it, right?

Looking at the state of your hands and clothes a shower is in order. When you resurface suitably cleansed you notice to your horror that you’ve trailed dirt into the living room so it’s out with the hoover. Under one of the chairs you find that jigsaw piece that’s been missing for ages. You go off in search of the box before you lose it again making a mental note to take stuff to the charity shop later.

It’s now time for elevenses but you still haven’t drunk the first cup of coffee that you made as you’ve been so busy. You can’t resist a cake to go with it this time as you sit down once again in front of your computer.

Finally to work except that you need to do some research so you trawl the Internet, notebook at the ready, until you remember an urgent email you need to answer. Three hours later after watching numerous YouTube videos of cats, finding out your IQ level, discovering your mystic fairy name, googling how to upcycle the stuff you were going to take to the charity shop but now don’t need to, you realize you’ve spilt cake crumbs all over the floor and you still haven’t had lunch.Julie Ryan 1

You go to the fridge to make yourself a smoked salmon sandwich that you’ve been looking forward to all morning only to find that your husband has used the last of the bread to take to work. There’s nothing for it, you’ll have to go shopping now.

When you return after having negotiated the swarms of kids on holiday who have nothing better to do that congregate round the supermarket car park, you unload everything and spot the mail. Yippee, there’s a prize of a book waiting for you. Well, it would be rude not to read it, wouldn’t it? After all, you get your best ideas when you’re reading so it’s really research, isn’t it?

You decide to ring hubbie and ask him to bring home dinner as you’ve had such a busy day there’s just not been time to cook anything. He’s truly a keeper when noticing the half hovered house, washing up in the sink, cat hair on the sofa and earth trodden into the carpet, he knows better than to ask what you’ve been doing all day!

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7 thoughts on “How (not) to procrastinate

  1. You just described my life! Make coffee, buy fabric and trim, research about what I’m going to make, a new hat or frock coat probably, do three quizzes, read an article, go back to research, realize I haven’t drunk my coffee or bought all the trim or fabric I need, go back to get trim and then get back to find I still haven’t drunk my coffee and therefore my brain isn’t fully operational, blood sugar drops and so need to eat, look in the fridge desparingly, start sewing, change my mind and unpick everything, take a break and do three more irrelevant quizzes… Look at my emails and find this blog!

  2. This is painfully familiar, Julie. I dread to think how many writing hours I’ve lost doing just the things you describe. Any tips? I’ve heard of programmes that shut down the internet for a prescribed duration so you CAN’T get at it. I think I need that.

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