Serious monkey business

I’m a vet nurse and animal activist and I am totally appalled that two chimpanzees who were saved from a circus and almost ready to go back into their NATURAL state, living in the wild are facing death because of the action of a moronic photographer who was warned three, yes, THREE times, not to go into their enclosure to get a close-up.

A wolf is not a dog. Would you go up to a wild wolf and try to stroke it? No, of course you wouldn’t. A tiger is a member of the cat family but would you realistically expect a tiger to curl up on your lap and purr? No.

These chimpanzees had been saved from a miserable life by the Jane Goodall Foundation and were being rehabilitated to join group of others in a natural state. Does this seem reasonable? They would not be kept in cages, forced to wear tutus and dance for a fee-paying audience. They would be living with their own kind in an environment as close as possible to their wild life.

I’m fortunate. I was made aware of the ghastly conditions under which some apes are kept and the threat to their lives by my friend Brenda May Williams who works closely as a volunteer with The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary. I now make donations and am delighted to be involved with their work.

Yesterday Brenda alerted me to the fact that two chimpanzees were threatened with euthanasia because Mr. Andrew Oberle had been “savaged”. Well if you jump wet and naked onto an electric fence, or wander down a railway line, it doesn’t surprise me if you get hurt. This man was told not to go close to the chimps who were being returned to their natural, savage state. Come into my house uninvited and you might get the same treatment. I’m a savage beast too when my privacy is invaded!

I’m delighted to find that experts in the field are lending their weight to Brenda’s campaign. Obviously I have signed the petition to the South African government but I urge all of you to do the same.

Good Morning Brenda May,
Thank you for your email. We at the sanctuary are aware of the plight of these two Chimpanzees and are in fact on board and working very closely with The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada in trying to get a reprieve. In answer to your request as to adding my name to your petition, yes that is fine and I wish you all the best as for Doctor Alison she is not in the country at present but I will speak to her when she returns next week, I am sure she would say yes but I do have to remain professional in all I do so wouldn’t be able to give permission on her behalf.
Good luck.
Jeremy Keeling.

I’m very sorry that this young man is injured but…to be brutally honest, he was asking for it and the chimpanzees were only doing what they were being rehabilitated to do – behave naturally, which includes defending your home.

Please sign Brenda’s petition  (just click like) and help us to save the lives of these poor animals. I have been bitten, scratched, clawed and generally mangled when trying to help sick creatures, but in no case was I being an idiot and in no case did I think they should pay with their lives. Neither should these two.

Thank you so much for reading and helping. Yes, this was an all-out rant but I feel very strongly that animals should not be made to pay for the tom-foolery of humans.

8 thoughts on “Serious monkey business

    1. Yes, this is very true indeed. They were as you say defending their home as they had been painstakingly taught to do. 5yrs went into this project, it is unfortunate that the main was stupid and it rather feels like he has made a mockery of rehabilitation efforts. I just hope the South African Government see this and grants a pardon to these two beautifully rehabilitated animals and they go to the Island, where perhaps they may even become fathers one day. The alternative is all too sad to bare.

  1. Aren’t humans supposed to be the more intelligent of the two species? The photographer’s name wasn’t Hugo, by any chance? My grandson, Hugo, doesn’t listen when he’s told ‘NO’ either. It’s gotten him in to all sorts of scrapes, including shooting himself in the eye with a nerf gun! We still don’t know if his vision is impaired!

    I vote that they euthenase the photographer,after all, the chimpanzees were just defending their territory!

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