Oh grow up!

No – don’t! Yes we all have to deal with jobs, mortgages, kids, elderly rels etc but … please keep a part of your soul that is still five years old (or less)

My best friend was going to celebrate (or not) his 60th birthday so we invited him over here and we made it a real proper, cake, pop and ice cream kid’s birthday …

As you know I am the matron of an orphanage for homeless teddy bears so they all turned out, put their party hats on and we had a ball. It may sound odd to some of you but we need it. Just occasionally we need to turn the clock back and watch ants in the grass, leaves floating on a puddle, slugs doing the four minute inch across a path …watching with amazement at the world around us.

Here are the bears, party hats and balloons (one for each decade and a hidden one for the next in his fave colour) 2014-07-29 15.53.44

We didn’t go mental – there were only the three of us and it was fun. We were little again. Spike’s birthday and nothing could go wrong. Jelly and ice cream optional. I baked a cake. We had so much cake we didn’t have room for jelly and ice cream.

Just sometimes – be little. It does one the world of good! Do it with your family – if you aren’t comfy like that, do it with friends who SHOULD have been family, like we did – as Titch would say “same litter people”.

Above all – find some time to enjoy xxx

Wearing pinny - didn't have time to put Rev. Mother costume on.
Wearing pinny – didn’t have time to put Rev. Mother costume on.

10 thoughts on “Oh grow up!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I happily revert to being 5 every time I get chance. (some would say I am permanently 5)
    Youth is not wasted on the young if you never grow up!
    Glad you all enjoyed the party

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