Hot cakes…or books


Debate still continues amongst authors on the advisability of discounting books. Those against say that even though e-books are normally quite cheap, really stingy readers will wait til they are on sale at some ludicrous price therefore having a negative effect on full-sale (still not dear) prices.

Those who don’t mind, generally those who would stand naked in the middle of the largest roundabout in town to sell books and get their names known reply “Well if people buy my books at 77 p and like them, when the next one comes out they might be just dying to buy it at full price (£1.50-ish) and not be mean about the extra 60 p which wouldn’t even buy you an ice cream.

Whatever. I am sharing the fact that Crooked Cat Publishing has the last day of its Summer Sale today so this is your last chance to fill your Kindle with goodies for the amazingly silly price of 77 p. What are you waiting for? Available on Amazon or from Crooked Cat Books

PS – both my books, Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum last MUCH longer than even a really expensive ice-cream!


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