Grande Finale

Families. Emotive word and subject. We have an expression in French “une famille réconstitué” and it means what it says. People split up, get together with others, children find themselves living with other kids … I’ve lived long enough in a Catholic country to count everyone as family. If they were family but technically aren’t any more and I still love them, ah, soddit, they are family.

So a lovely lady who used to be my daughter in law and whose kids call me Granny Piglet or Great Granny Piglet is obviously family. We hadn’t seen each other in years, during which time she had found an new and much nicer husband whom we met. (Incidentally I am vastly amused to find that in the Scots’ dialect version of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet is known as ‘ Wee Grumphie” and if that isn’t a great new pen name for me, I don’t know what is).

It was marvellous. I don’t normally do free publicity but  the campsite in Millau (pronounced Meeow) St. Lambert was great. The woman who runs it speaks perfect English and has a sense of humour. She’d just spoken with the Old Feller so I went back to ask about WiFi and said in French “I’m the wife of the old Viking beardy one”. We got that sorted out. Then my daughter in law / friend / family member arrived and there was a screeched exchange in Welsh, Breton and English before we practiced the full-contact sport known as the Abraham family hug (not for the faint-hearted or those suffering from osteoporosis)

Having chatted with the manager, I left her some of my cards as she said she liked reading in English too and here are some pictures of the area included.

Obviously a family reunion after all this time was a very noisy affair. I don’t think I’ve talked so much since I gave up teaching, there were years to catch up on.

They are also taking my cards home with them to strut my stuff around Wales… I might end up doing a book signing in my new brother’s garage! Don’t knock it… he knows everyone!

Joy of joys, having not driven much since my foot operation in December 2012, I finally drove the rig (Myfanwe the van and the caravan) and despite having a very bad “funny turn” the first time when I thought I was going to pass out, the second time was find and I was humming “Convoy”

and doing my “flashing in” the other truckers …. I had a wonderful time but now I am up to my ears in work – articles, guest posts, post holiday drudgery and a book to finish… don’t bother me, I’m busy! But oh boy aren’t family reunions just the best thing ever?

World famous viaduct at Millau – no, it really is that scary!

6 thoughts on “Grande Finale

  1. oh what a meme song, right??? gets into the head and doesn’t let go! But seriously, here Otter, this is fantastic!! However, I will probably faint before trying that bridge, sorry! have a heights issue…along with having almost in a head on accident over a bridge…nope, I dunna do bridges well. But Brava to you for doing this so well!

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