Imagine the scene. You are in a tea room with a friend. You don’t know me from Adam but your friend does. You’re having a conversation when I storm over and say “Your views are repugnant to me as a XXXX and I am therefore obliged to headbutt you in the face very hard”.

Not only was I not included in your conversation but how high to you rate A) me as a person and B) the cause for which I made such a fuss?

Not much either way eh?

I would have done both myself and my cause an enormous dis-service. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if neither of you spoke to me ever again and went around saying “I met one of those XXX people – right nutter!”

So could you please all stop doing that on FB?

Call it a parable, call it a “let’s pretend story” but get the message. Thank you.


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