…happiness is Curly-Wurly-Shaped Fries… #TBSU…

And the French think “English” cuisine is dreadful -they haven’t lived!

Seumas Gallacher

…some, who probably know much better about these kinda things than this ol’ Jurassic, say ‘yeez are what yeez eat’… and I can’t say I totally disagree with their assertion… in my Twitter header self-description I even include the phrase, ’TV football couch potato’… my ancestry traces ‘way back to Ireland, where the humble spud was so much a staple of the nation’s diet, when the potato crop famines came, the people left… thus enriching greatly the rest of the planet, notably North America… my own folks descended from these good Irishers, and have been frightening the daylights out of Scotland ever since… a Scotland which baffles the WURLD with its culinary specialties… the inimitable Haggis, which continues to perplex gourmets everywhere…  and of more recent invention, Fried Mars Bars… which causes just about equal consternation to the International College of Heart Surgeons… but let it…

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