B is for Bears (of the Teddy variety)

Today- a reblog. Another of the most successful posts we have. Enjoy and please remember, if you want to adopt an orphan, I’ll only ask for their bus-fare to get them to you.

Digital Camera

The Bingergread Cottage

So what on earth do Bears have to do with magic?  Yes, I do mean teddy-bears, not big grizzly totem animal bears, they will come later on. I am talking about teddy bears.

Bears arA to Ze the first magic most of us come across as a child. Who didn’t hug their teddy and talk to them when they were angry or frightened? Who didn’t treat their teddy as a Fae friend without even knowing they were doing it?

It takes only a very little shape-shift to watch a teddy bear become its real self, yes, a real live helper. If you find a teddy that is lost and doesn’t have a person, they need love and attention but once they get that, they perk up, they find their name again and if you are very lucky, they find a new home which needs a new “protector”.  If not, well they…

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