Son of Cliché Rides Again

Rules of fiction-writing number (oh hell I don’t remember) avoid clichés like the plague (yes, that was totally deliberate)pen

Well this isn’t fiction so here are some very trite clichés for you:

We learn more from our enemies than our friends.

Without the darkness, there would be no light.

Adversity is our greatest teacher.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (except for paracetamol overdose which leaves you with permanent liver damage).


Beginning to see a pattern here? Well good because yet again this has been inspired by a few exchanges on FB. It would appear that many of my good friends have been through the mill with serious health problems ranging from mental disorders to cancer. Some are fighting permanent disability or incurable illnesses. I can go with that because I have been there, done that, still wearing the T-shirt.


We have all discovered that being desperately ill does teach you something. It teaches you appreciation. If nothing else, it teaches you to appreciate good health if you ever get back to it. Otherwise it gives you a more profound joy in the small, simple but ultimately precious moments. The things that money can’t buy. A time of laughter spent with friends. A quiet coffee sat in the sun with a loved one. The sight of a beautiful flower or plant.

The problem with clichés is that they are only clichés because they are true.

I owe the inspirational quote below to



5 thoughts on “Son of Cliché Rides Again

  1. We cannot ignore things just because somebody else has said it before. There’s a risk in pursuing originality over everything else. Keep smiling!

  2. I was thinking about this today, that if the world was perfect and there was no pain and no stress and no death it would be full of very one dimensional people. It is through pain and hardship that we learn and grow.

    Great post.



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