Bye Bye PandA

big logoI’m sorry that my blog today is going to be a slightly sad one.

We’re closing PandA Promo. It was unfortunate that I set it up just before my car crash and wasn’t in a position to pimp for work for a long time.

Bye Bye, folks
Bye Bye, folks

Also, I think writers are scrimping to save their pennies for editorial, proofreading and cover-art services, so our stuff on top, reasonable as it was but less essential, broke the camel’s back financially.

All is not lost, however as Cameron is going to take over the blog we bought and as he is now working on another Jack and Rory title will have that as his blog. I’m hoping to get him back into the limelight a bit. Cancel Christmas  (over 18s only)  is a smashing detective story and is still selling despite having no publicity whatsoever for a year. The next title will be less detecting but more controversial and he is dying to get his teeth into writing it having worked out the plot completely.

So, everyone wave bye-bye to PandA and raise a glass to Cameron.

red wine f

My Cameron persona
My Cameron persona


Happy Sunday everyone.


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