Whoooo knows?

Inspiration for today’s thoughts comes from Cottage Life Magazine to whom I am very grateful.



It was shared on FB by my friends Nancy Jardine and Di Horsfield


Apart from going Awwwwwwwwwww very loudly, on further examination it made me think “I wonder if, in an alternative universe, the big owl covering them all would be their god or goddess?”


Should archaeologists from the future find this they might come up with wonderful theories about the Owl People who believed that the Great Owl made the world and that we were all her chicks…. stranger things have happened.


Man makes God in his own image because our puny brains aren’t capable of grasping the enormity of the Universe. Only the Native Americans came close by saying “Great Spirit” while the rest of humanity (and possibly other animals, who knows?) explain the wonders of their world in more easily visualised chunks. Spiritual sound bites, perhaps?


It’s not the first time this has crossed my mind. I wrote about it in my Otter stories some time ago. If you would like to read that, here is the connection.  http://ailsaabraham.com/2012/12/29/the-12-days-of-christmas-sun/


Just a thought. Be kind and may your god go widgers, as Dave Allen used to say xxx


2 thoughts on “Whoooo knows?

  1. Wondering as a boring journalist whether this is actually an ‘owling good cross-country fence. Seen some beautiful ones from giant ducks to naked ladies. However, feel that the elemental interpretation is more inspirational.

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