Walk Wisdom

I walk by a spirit-flowing river, Saraswati’s child

By life-surrounding life-affirming plants

Greeting each one

A kiss here, a stroke there,

A sigh of admiration to the peach blossomfile0001505343813



As each week moves the hands of the cycle around

More old friends return in at their appointed time

Catkins and pussy-willow

Fruit trees bringing bees to life

But always a word with Great Uncle Walnut



The crowd of football-chanting dandelions has

In its turn, grown silent and ghostly, floaty

Hoarse perhaps from shouting.

They send me confetti

For joining in their songs with laughter.



The catkins now are set, the hazel crop will thrive

So I bless each tiny foetal nut, squirrel-destined

Finally Great-Uncle Walnut

Growing tired of patience

Hurls his own, thumping great catkin in my face



I put my hands upon his trunk to murmur thanks

But am shaken off as if by gnarled and irritable hands

Love all, the pretty, posy-small

But love also the ugly, old and bent

Pocketing my walnut gift, I kiss him gently.



And wisdom came home in my pocket today.napo2014button2




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