I’m going into hospital

But please don’t shed a tear

No cause for worry, stress or fuss

There is no need for fear.

I’m only having tests you see

Not put upon the rack

The only one that might just sting

Is the needle in my back

Apart from that it’s chatting

And I’m PhD in that

The shrinks will ask me questions

Like β€œAnd was your mother fat?”

I may just have my laptop

And be in touch with you

To play Sudoku, read my books

Yes, I really hope so too.

The only thing I would request

If you would be so kind

A diagnosis of the migraine

And fatigue all of the time.

So say a prayer or send a hug

Or just think kind thoughts for me

And I’ll be back next weekend

Still laughing – you will see!

Gregory, waiting to come with me


10 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. THAT’s the spirit Ailsa – VERY good luck on your visit – I suspect it’s more to do with meeting up with you again for a laugh, rather than purely medical reasons, that they called you back in LOL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. Erm – you could be right – I did have the orthophonist in fits when I sang “Three Blind Mice” to her. And the neurologist said I was only eccentric but I’m British so they expect that ….d’ye know you could be right?
      For three nights only folks, starring in Neurology, fresh from her triumphs in Women’s Surgical … the one and only – idiot Anglaise!

  2. Hugs to you and Gregory. I’m sure you’ll both make lots of new friends and have the other patients in stitches without them having to go through surgery!
    Lots of caffiene after the back jab and STAY FLAT for 2 hrs. I speeks from t’xperiences lol
    Look forward to catching up when you’re home.

  3. Thank you all.I won’t be able to get caffeine Di – lie flat so can’t toddle off and find the coffee machine. They will make me lie down.

    Hugh Huggles – got to be the name of my next adopted bear, thanks, Spike

    Hopefully you will all be with me if I can get the free WiFi to work. Must take my tarot cards and see if I can swap reading for coffee! Hahah – wizard wheeze!

  4. As for dishy doctors – I’ve packed my hair stuff and full make-up kit. Plus demure but sexy Victorian nightie so I’m prepared.

    I would give worlds to see their faces, Ape if a gorilla turned up in visiting hours – they wouldn’t be surprised. They did label me “eccentric”

  5. I’m pleased Gregory will be with you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they come up with a diagnosis (and you can feel better).. Tell them otherwise we’ll all come in all our guises, Apes, being the least scary of all! Take care!

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