Back to Front (as usual)


A pal requested I take part

In an annual writing task

I didn’t think too much of it

T’was nice of her to ask.

Then I discovered differently

And froze in deep dismay

The challenge was horrendous

50K in thirty days!

The words I saw upon my screen

Became a good first draft

Then tinkering and altering

I honed my writing craft.

The book was published in the year

By Crooked Cat and damn!

I held my copy proudly

“Shaman’s Drum” A. Abraham!

The story was a stand-alone

Or so I blithely thought

Til readers told me otherwise

“Where’s the rest, you twerp?”

And so began the prequel

Far more complex and complete

Ecology and demons,

Combination hard to beat!

Thus came the day when Alchemy

Appeared upon the scene

And readers’ praise was fulsome

“Now we know just where they’ve been,

But where do they go next, Ailsa?”

They charmingly enquired

It would have been quite churlish

To complain that I was tired

So now you know the sequence

Read Alchemy the first

Then go straight to Shaman’s Drum

If after more you thirst.

Book Three is work in progress

The title’s under wraps

But I’m working on it, honestly

I really am, you chaps!











3 thoughts on “Back to Front (as usual)

  1. Readers are always right, Ailsa… I guess. I always also go the long-way round but I guess the beauty is in the journey. All the best! And Happy Easter! May the chocolate be with you!

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