When I was still a pig-tailed lass
An end of term report
From my kind of St Trinian's
Just made me swear and snort.
It caused my Ma to chortle
Because she thought it fair
“We feel that little Ailsa
Is not a good team player”
Well that's a load of poppycock
Or so to me it seems
I join in like a good 'un
When I can choose the teams
Shoved out upon a hockey pitch
Where massed amazons did mill
I picked my stick up manfully
Laid about me with a will.
Doing it my way!
Doing it my way!
So that's not what the rules decree
Well they are now the fools
I'm clumsy, I'll break anything
But most especially....rules!
When I was in the Pony Club
I showed initiative
By organising jousting
My helmet was a sieve
That wasn't met with favour
Cos our bamboo-stick made lances
Caused quite a lot of damage
From even quite slight glances.
And so on FB nowadays
I have to avoid groups
I haven't changed, I'm still the same
I choose my own strange troops.

Copyright, Thelwell Estate -many thanks.
Copyright, Thelwell Estate -many thanks.


3 thoughts on “Maverick

  1. I’m with you Ailsa! It was the fault of teachers that a team mate broke an ankle. They knew me well enough. It was completely irresponsible to give me a hockey stick. I have no co-ordination and even less sense of perspective!
    I’m too strong minded (obstinate?) To be a much use to a group.

  2. Well it should have shown them something that I was fine at individual sports like swimming and riding…expecting me to co-operate when being shoved around by bigger girls was plain silly.

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