A Possibility

We’ve celebrated Equinox and Passover is done

But there’s Easter, Beltain, Pentecost and others still to come

A lot of opportunities to wish each other cheer

And join in the festivities, but just for some, I fear.

I wonder if the spirit universal gives a sigh

When regarding our divisions, could the great creator cry?

Do they feel like shouting “Stop it! You prejudiced wee fools!

I gave you life and liberty but didn’t give you rules.

You made those up all by yourselves along with all my names

When will you get it in your heads that it is all the SAME?

If ever I begin again (and I am sorely tempted)

I’ll do it better next time, the religion gene’s exempted.”


4 thoughts on “A Possibility

  1. I shall probably get it in the neck from some quarters for writing this but .. yes, I care sooooooooooo much.
    Even atheists I know live by “do as you would be done by” and that strikes me as eminently sensible!

  2. I agree with the Story Reading Ape. I must admit to having some fondness for some of the stories around the religions but not for the aspects you mention. Good cheer to all!

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