Welcome to NaPoMo





Welcome to my first attempt. I am not normally known for penning verse but I decided to have a go. Expect an eclectic mix of humour and social observation. I may also stand on several soap boxes.

Let’s start with a comical one about my own efforts to save the world.



When entering these premises

Would visitors please note

You don’t have to take your shoes off

But you may remove your coat.

There’s four of us who live here

That’s all I have to say

So if you hate our hairy babies

Turn round and go away.

We’re very eco-friendly

Palm-oil products are all banned

As are meat and “dolphin-dangerous”

We care about the land.

I knit my own house slippers

From discarded plastic waste

Not wanting to eat butter

To the margarine I haste.

But wait! The mage is palm-oil!

So now I’m real confused

Do I save the poor orang-utans

Or see a cow abused?

monkey puzzle


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