Pick N Mix

This week has been such a whirlwind that it seems a good idea to just empty my bag of goodies on the table and invite you all to rootle through it.

Help yourself
Help yourself
Not mine!
Not mine!

Firstly I had some good but stunning news when I had my first ever visit to a neurologist. I had been trained by Lisa, my physiotherapist, to pronounce it correctly so I was saying “neurologist” and not “an urologist” (it’s all in the vowel stress, darling). She kept telling me it was my brain that was duff, not my waterworks. I came home and wrote a note for my FB page and was overwhelmed with the reaction from wonderful people.   Link

Cat King 2
Catriona xxx

My mate Catriona King who writes fabulous mystery stories invited me over to chat and you can read that interview too. Don’t forget to look at her DCI Craig series, I can highly recommend it. Click here to visit her blog.

my Africa projects
My knits for babies in Africa

Word has got out that I am not only a mad animal lady (can’t miss it really, can you?) but also a devourer of yarn for either knitting or crochet. I already knit for charity with the African babies project but another pal (Cait O’Sullivan) forwarded this to me. I’m sharing it in case there are other penguin-loving knitters out there who just couldn’t resist the thought of a damaged pingwing wearing one of their Arans. Here is the project.

Finally – one grumble, despite my highly-shared blog about getting personal in spam, I received one in Linked In. This one broke all the rules – assumed I had children, family etc. Stern rebuff sent and yet again, I get the excuse that this “supposed author” cuts and pastes the same message to all his new contacts, according to some yardstick of his own making. Being shoved in a pigeon hole as I am a woman of a certain age, live in France and would appreciate a half-assed attempt at French (not even Google Translate could cock it up that badly). It’s worth having another read of this blog post because you have no idea how many people I know and how many readers you could lose by getting “up close and personal” with me when I don’t know you at all.

My friendship is easily given and I value my friends greatly. Just wait to be asked, don’t wander in and steal it OK?

One thought on “Pick N Mix

  1. Great post. Loved the interview and the project.. I’m not good at knitting though. I only used to manage a bit of crocheting but haven’t done any in ages.

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