Thank you all…

This is a quick post to thank everyone who liked, commented and shared my blog on memory loss and speech problems  1375005672818

I think it almost went viral but I just wanted to say, please don’t congratulate me on facing a stroke and possible further complications with good humour and a big lop-sided grin. I can’t help it. That’s just the way I am. I see the funny side of everything and often it is not appreciated.

To my undying shame, my first meeting with the Old Feller’s Ma was in a hospital where she had just been told that her husband had died. Of course I did the impulsive thing and sat down to hug her even though we hadn’t been properly introduced and cuddled her against me. Unfortunately, when she wailed “I’ve already buried two husbands”…I couldn’t stop it, the words were out of my mouth before I could shut it “Well you’ll be used to it by now, then, eh love?”

My Old Feller had to turn his back, his brother gave me a look only an ex-copper facing a raving and dangerous lunatic could manage but fortunately I don’t think Ma noticed, lost in her wailing and gnashing of dentures which I picked up off the floor and handed back to her nicely by way of apology.

So you see, there was only one way to look brain damage in the eye and that was to laugh at it. But you lot all make it enormously easier by being there, commenting and egging me on.

So much so that I am going to try to write a proper article today for my dear friend the Ape (pictured below). It may take me twice as long as normal but it is “real work” and I need to get back to that.

Once again. Thank you all – here have a pretty rose from my garden, it’s the very least I owe you. xxx

3 thoughts on “Thank you all…

  1. It can be both a gift and a course to always see the funny side (even if dark sometimes) of everything, but I’d much rather be that way too. And I’ve found it useful in my profession (most of the time). Looking forward to the article too.

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