Therapy Thtorieth – Day 1

You might find the title amusing. I hope you do. It comes from the fact that following my recent stroke, my speech is often muddled. Coupled with losing words and blurred vision (throw in some uncoordinated movement as well) it makes writing rather tedious.

A FBF who works in this field (no, not a farmer, a psychotherapist…try saying that when you are pist! Hah!) Anyway – her, she suggested that rather than give up on writing all together…(all together now …. Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor..) sorry, I did say these would be stream of dys consciousness, did I not?

So – yes, write something every day. Even if it is just a journey. No, agenda, no, that’s French buggrit; Dairy!!! yes – them .. wonder if “that field” is where the stuff in the dairy comes from?

Welcome to my little mind, nice here, isn’t it? Quite cosy if a bit haphazard!

I decided to follow her wonderful advice (course it is wonderful it is professional and free and I am Scotttish – sorry!) and just write a short blog post each day as well as my easy quick promo which causes people to hate me. Quite a new experience for me, I usually get on with everyone.

So there will be non hate-causing material too.

That is the explanation for Therapy Thtorieth.

It has taken me over half an hour to write this. Given that I am a awfur and usually can do between two and five thousand words in a day (usually when trying to finish a first draft) this is not good. This is why I have to practice but it does not help when my other head (Mr. Stroke Ed) keeps poking me and asking questions like “What do I look like?”

Well, Mr. Stroke Ed, you used to look like a big scary monster and I tripped over you and you made me frightened but jabbing you in the eye with a stick of celery and laughing made you shrink. You are just an imp, a shapes shifter and you have made me one too. I was a very lekshul , telly-gent wimmin til you took up residence. But we will learn to get along.


Perhaps I will be able to think of you as that pesky monkey in Pirates of the Caribbean one day – irritating but the film of my life wouldn’t be the same without you. Praps.

Tune in again tomorrow for something a bit more coherent and possibly better spelt. Spelt – is that salmon spawn? It means something; can’t remember what. OK

Answers below please – wot is “spelt”?

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