Easier to find.

No postal charges!
No postal charges!

Fed up of having to pay fees to order books on line? Especially if you like paperbacks…it’s great to get your paws on a title in your e-reader instantly but having to fork out for the postage is a pain in the proverbial

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Laurence has been working too hard.
Laurence has been working too hard.

The good news is that thanks to the great efforts of Laurence Patterson at Crooked Cat CC_logo_PastedGraphic-18_(1)through some very clever, technical and impossibly complicated business stuff (meaning I don’t understand it) we are now glad to announce that …………. TA DAAA  Henceforth you should be able to get Shaman’s Drum from your local bookstore if you go and ask them…because their buyers can get Crooked Cat Books easily now.

So the more of you who go to their High Street bookshop and ask, the more they will see that there is a demand. Obviously this goes for other Crooked Cat writers’ work, not just lil ole otter.  Also – as shown above, if you order through The Book Depository and not have to pay postal charges!

That’s got to be good news too!

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