Nancy Jardine views my casting methods.

Dear friend, Nancy Jardine invited us over to talk about one of the characters who didn’t appear in Shaman’s Drum but who is pivotal to Alchemy… that is why it was such fun doing a prequel, lots of new characters queuing up to be included. It was like auditioning. You can go and read the chat we had here

Leaning back from behind my desk “So who do you propose to be in this work?”

“I see, and how do you suppose a unicycle-riding clown might become relevant to the plot as we sent it out? No, sorry, we’ll keep your name on file, no I don’t care if you DO juggle as well. Next….and don’t honk that effin’ horn at me again, pal”

“Now,  you are a University professor and a world expert on ancient religions. OK, that looks promising. So, Adrian, I can call you Adrian? Good – tell me how you see yourself fitting into the plot. Yup, that sounds fine, I’ll be writing you in. Thank you for your time. Next!….Get that bloody clown out of here!”


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