Delighted to announce the winners from the competitions during the on-line launch party for “Alchemy”.Alchemy front
RigaFor the quiz – a signed paperback copy goes to Christine Nedhal

    Riga – that’s who I was and Tim Taylor wins that prize which was an e-copy of the book.

strawberryRude Food – nothing could come close to Annette Thomson‘s strawberry.

Music prize goes to Linda Guest for suggesting “Puff the Magic Dragon” which made me cry.

Wordplay was chosen by Cameron Lawton who naturally went for Roland Clarke‘s suggestion of “The Magician’s Sister” (well, he would, wouldn’t he?)

The cover of the version I read as a child
The cover of the version I read as a child

A special prize goes to Stacy Hoyt for being such an active participant and joining in like a real trooper.  Here is some of the swag I’ve ordered as other prizes for those who didn’t win books.


keyring pen

Thank you all again for your company and don’t forget – if you didn’t win a copy, both the e-books (Alchemy AND Shaman’s Drum)  are only 99p each for a limited period.

Baggy bear is enjoying it enormously (and he is a very picky reader) Baggy with AlchemyHe has also decided that my Riga wig is a great thing to keep his furry head warm this winter and no, I can’t have it back.

Here is the review on Amazon

Because in record time we had both a photo of a reader with his copy of Alchemy and our first review!

Happy Reader!
Happy Reader!

One thought on “PRIZES!

  1. Not a very fast reader – especially as all thumbs with a Kindle – but engrossed in Alchemy. Would recommend it to all who have held off buying. A good ‘investment’ 🙂 <(")

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