Always look…

This is, first and foremost, an enormous “thank you” message to the dozens of people who responded to my post on FB. I was so touched by the supportive and loving posts and the emails sent to me that I will admit to bursting into tears. If I were ever tempted to feel sorry for myself, this was a wake-up call to the fact that I am loved well beyond what I deserve or could reasonably expect. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

I have the reputation of a clown. Laughter is the best medicine and I refuse to try and make an epidemic of it when I get bad news. Even so, the news that I’ve had a stroke floored me for a bit and I resolved not to post again until I had bounced back in my usual form and prepared to see the bright side.

My family history disposes me to strokes. Both Ma and Grandma collected them, becoming gradually more and more disabled until they were eventually carried away by the last one. Given that I have not led the life of a Carmelite nun and had my fair share of rum, bum and baccy…this is a timely reminder that I’m not invincible.

The final kick in the pants that I needed to pack in the baccy (I gave up drinking some time ago and my diet is vegetarian so free of cholesterol-imps) has been delivered. I take heed. It may not be enormous fun but it’s better than ending up a shambling wreck, unable to communicate or remember any vocabulary. For an author that would be the ultimate hell. I watched my own mother go that way and, given an option, it’s no thanks.

So…in the true spirit of “leave ’em laughing”, I’ve made a video that is for all you lovely, gorgeous, caring folks who posted messages of support on my FB timeline. You are a wonderful bunch and I love you. If anything will keep me going, it’s you lot.

Stop now, before I get stupidly sentimental.

I made this for all of you…with enormous thanks.

5 thoughts on “Always look…

  1. Goodness, Ailsa – I missed that on FB. I’ve been avoiding it a bit for various reasons! I’m sorry to hear this – but love the positive video (especially the otter!) Sending you good vibes and a virtual hug x

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